Introducing Dungeons of Regarode

Hello, this is the first devlog :)

Ultimately, this game is something that I've been wanting to make for quite a while but never quite got around to it.

From the following screenshot, you can see a very early prototype of the core gameplay. From choosing a class, to smashing enemies with balls of light...

Obviously nothing in the above video is really final, but it definitely demonstrates the fundamentals of what I'm trying to achieve

The classes are currently planned to be as follows;

  • Knight - Large health pool but deals medium damage and is very slow
  • Thief/Rogue (Name subject to change) - Medium health pool, medium damage but quite nimble
  • Monk - Small health pool, low damage attacks, fast movement and can heal
  • Archer - Ranged version of the rogue
  • Warrior/Barbarian - High damage, medium healthpool, medium speed

Well, that's enough tidbits for the first devlog! I'll be adding more in the future ;D

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