Bosses galore!

I've been really neglecting these development logs!

In version 0.9.0 (which is a free download by the way...) you can test out everything I'm about to mention below! :)

Hello and welcome to another instalment of the DoR Devlog!

Over the past few days, I've been working hard to finalise the core mechanics of the game, allowing me to then move onto more adventurous things. The main themes throughout all decisions are “difficulty” and “creativity”.


The first of such core endeavours is movement.

Alongside rudimentary controller support (where the directions aren't currently locked), the movement in DoR is bound to 8 directions.

Sure, that’s not really a “movement system” on it’s own. So I should also mention that each class or character has it’s own unique feeling. The speed of the characters vary slightly, as well as how much the speed is reduced by when either using a skill or being damaged/hit.


"Yeah yeah, every game has combat" I hear you cry. And you'd be correct, well done you.

Surely that's enough reason to have some combat on it's own! BUT (and it's a big BUT) the combat in DoR is better :D That’s obviously completely subjective, so I’ll clarify:

All the combat is directional, meaning wherever you’re headed that’s where you’re aiming. This sets a tone of morbid difficulty because when a boss is chasing you and you’re on 5hp, you can be sure you’ve got to turn around and face it in order to hit it.

There are different skill types, to name a handful there are; Melee, Projectile and Channeled. Melee is the simple “I’m going to attack something right in front of me.” kind of skill. Simple. Next: Projectiles! This term applies to both Arrows and Fireballs, again pretty self explanatory. However, they will stick into anything in front of them (sometimes to negative affect). Lastly, channeled. A good example of a channeled skill is a healing beam. Once you start casting the skill, it’ll keep going until you take your finger off the button or you run out of skill energy. A beam will generally hit everything within the beam and apply its effect.


Now that the basics are covered, let’s talk about bosses.

The first boss is “Mat the Chained”. Named after a friend who has now been chained down in life.

He can be found on both the gameplay test map and later in the “Kandut Cave” map. He’s a pretty simple boss, currently with five phases. Four of which are simple attack phases with varying movement speeds and attack speeds and a fifth phase which is a healing phase during which he’ll heal back up to 50% health.

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Version 0.9.0 Sep 01, 2017

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